Parent Organization: Center for Leadership and Service

The Graphic Organization, also known as GO! is a cooperative, creative club focused on helping visual communication majors to learn and grow through the collective knowledge of the group. Students will be able to raise their awareness of opportunities within the design field and be expose to professional speakers and areas of study. Along with creating networking opportunities within the design community at school. Anyone of any major is free to join. All that is required is an interest in design and creativity.
IN NEED OF DESIGN WORK FOR YOUR CLUB/ORGANIZATION? UPCOMING EVENT? PERSONAL PROJECTS? Contact President John Simons or comment here for more info on our Design Services.


Advisor's Name:

Ed Johnston

Advisor's Office/Department/School:

Green Lane Building, 517, Robert Busch School of Design

Address 504A Green Lane Building
Union, NJ 07083
Phone Number P:(732) 609-1240